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Chef de Chantier / Supervisor H/F

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Acteur global de la construction et des services, Bouygues Construction conçoit, réalise et exploite des ouvrages qui améliorent au quotidien le cadre de vie et de travail : bâtiments publics et privés, infrastructures de transport, réseaux d'énergie et de communication.

Leaders de la construction durable, le Groupe et ses 52 200 collaborateurs s'engagent ainsi sur le long terme auprès de leurs clients pour les aider à bâtir une vie meilleure.   



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Chef de Chantier / Supervisor H/F





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24 months

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Main responsibilities
participates in the preparation and organisation of the site as well as in the creation of teams.
supervises and leads the team whose work he/she organises: checks the schedules, the efficiency and the quality of the production, safety, etc.
ensures the execution of in-house Works of the structures, and/or supervises sub-contracted work.
maintains and manages inventory (plant, equipment, materials) needed for the activities of his teams and ensures that reporting is carried out.
transmits information to both his superiors and his/her team.
helps to reach the required Quality-Safety-Environment standard on site.
communicates to his superiors the necessary elements for daily checking of expenditure relating to his/her building, scheduling contingencies and detected anomalies.
applies and ensures health and safety rules of the Health and Safety Plan are respected and participates in its updating.
checks that the site is always tidy and clean in the areas under his/her authority.
interprets, analyses, explains complex drawings and deals with the latest version of the execu­tion drawings.
can supervise or proceed with the setting out of the site using axes given by the surveyor.
can draw up the diagrams and the bills of quan­tities needed for the execution of the structures.
can prepare a simple work cycle.
can interpret and adapt the execution schedule.
knows how to define his/her needs for person­nel, tools and plant to ensure individual and collective protection.
must draw up worker/day schedules in the case of in-house production.
knows the materials, equipment as well as the standard techniques for the structure or the site.
possesses basic notions of mechanical reactions of reinforced concrete and other materials, and has good knowledge of the principles regarding the stability of temporary structures.
has elementary knowledge of finishing works techniques affecting his/her structure.


Bac+2 Civil Works
Fluency in English
must be methodical, organised, meticulous and have common sense.
must know site techniques and have a good head for figures.
must share the values of the company and be able to pass them on.  

Localisation du poste

Localisation du poste

Autres pays, Australie