Design Coordinator/Engineer H/F

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Avec 32 400 collaborateurs intervenant dans 60 pays, Bouygues Construction conçoit, réalise, et réhabilite les infrastructures et les bâtiments essentiels pour une société durable. Partout dans le monde, les équipes accompagnent le développement des infrastructures de productions d'énergies et de transports publics bas carbone et apportent leur expertise dans la conception, la construction et la réhabilitation des bâtiments et quartiers essentiels à la vie (santé, éducation, travail, tourisme, loisirs, services publics, défense, etc.). L'engagement des équipes s'appuie sur trois priorités absolues : culture sécurité, respect des droits humains et éthique.  



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Réf métier Bouygues SA - ETUDES & TECHNIQUE

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Design Coordinator/Engineer H/F





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12 months

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Bouygues Travaux Publics is seeking a VIE to work for a new metro line 430 metres long, 20 metres wide and 25 metres deep. The station is being built using the "Top Down" construction method, incorporating diaphragm walls and permanent slabs. The project also includes the construction of two 7-metre diameter, 770-metre long tunnels. Other key structures in the project include a launch shaft, an auxiliary building and a connection to the existing Tung Chung station. The project is characterised by its location in a public/residential area and faces the challenge of variable geology, including sections that require underwater tunnelling, which adds complexity to the engineering and construction efforts.

Your missions will be :
1) Facilitating communication and coordination with Design Consultants to ensure that all design aspects are aligned with the project's goals and comply with regulatory requirements.
2) Collaborating closely with other technical teams (Methods, Geotechnical, Programme, Risks) to ensure a holistic approach to the project's technical challenges and opportunities.
3) Engaging with the Production team and Specialist Subcontractors to ensure that designs are practically implementable and meet the project's quality and performance criteria.
4) Managing the lifecycle of Design Submissions, from initial submission through Responses to Comments and ultimately securing necessary Approvals.
5) Handling Field Change Requests related to design, assessing their impact on the project's schedule, cost, and quality, and implementing appropriate adjustments.
6) The role offers a career progression opportunity, with a potential transition to the Methods team after gaining sufficient experience and demonstrating competency in the initial role.


A master’s degree in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, or a related field, providing a solid foundation in construction principles, design, and project management.
Several months of proven experience in construction or engineering projects, with a specific focus on design coordination.
Proficiency in design software and tools relevant to construction engineering (Autocad).
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

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Hong Kong